Friday, July 4, 2008

Everyone loves a Parade...

The company I work for sponsored our town's parade this year and so at the last minute I asked if I could walk the dogs in it, Kadabra and Limo. I had no idea what to expect really on how Kadabra would handle all the excitement. She took all the sites in and was such a good girl! A truck was all that separated us from the Highschool band! And at one point when the ambulance and fire trucks turned on their sirens she howled along with them, it was pretty cute. Even during a parade she didn't drag me with her leash, can't say the same for Limo!
Our company is a Cable, Internet and phone service provider and I told our Marketing manager that we should have put a sign on Kadabra that said "Fast, Reliable Service" and then on Limo we should have had her wear a sign that said the "Other Guys". She loved the idea and said we'd have to do that next time! Kadabra was a big hit at the Parade!

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greytblackdog said...

She's a total keeper!