Friday, June 20, 2008

Apartment dweller?

K' loves being out of the kennel and now just needs to find her forever home. I think she would do fine living in an apartment. She seems to be a very quiet girl both in and out of her crate.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Heart of gold...bladder of steel and a boo boo

Kadabra is such a sweetheart. She loves people and loves attention, but doesn't demand it.
We've had K for a week now and the first few days she really wasn't on a potty schedule because I stayed home from work and was in and out with the dogs all day. Monday was the first real day that we had to crate her for any length of time. I came home for lunch both Monday and Tuesday and let the girls out around 2pm. So she crated 6-7 hours easily. I say easily because when I let her out, potty isn't the first thing on her mind. On Monday's lunch break she went outside and "got some sun" first before doing her business.
When I let her out of her crate she happily greets me with the squat and tackle- you can avoid the tackle (jumping up) by putting your hand on her back/ shoulder when she's in the squat;-) it's so cute. We make our way outside and she then has a run and surveys the yard, then she starts thinking, "hmm, I am outside, I guess I should potty now"....
Well today I got caught up at work and did not let the girls out at lunch. I got home around 5pm and it was the usual routine. But during her sprint around the yard her right hind leg hit the stupid metal bird bath that sat next to a tree. She fell and cut open her leg :-( She cried alot and then let me exam her. I wasn't 100% sure it needed stitches or any attention, but I also didn't want to make the call. The vet was so local and new and I wanted to check it out anyway for the future. They cleaned it and clipped some of the hair away and put in several staples, I think 8.
She hadn't pottied before she hurt herself and she didn't potty after either. I brought her back inside and immediately loaded her into my car and we were off to the vet. To make a long potty story shorter, she went another hour+ before she was able to go. When we got back outside again she found a place and finally got to go:-) so today she held it for 10+ hours. K's injury will heal just fine and she's getting around well too. There won't be any running pics for a bit, but leash walking is good per the vet!
She has a heart of gold and a steel bladder, what more can you ask for?

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Random photos...

I know my profile says I'm a male, but I'm all girl :-)

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Look deep into my eyes...

You're getting very sleepy... and you WILL adopt me.

Again I just can't say enough about her lovely leash manners. She never pulls and is mostly just at our side unless I'm pushing her for a photo opp;-)
She's a very low key, happy girl. You can tell she's happy, but she doesn't have to be all over you to express it.
She has had no accidents in our house. She's crated when we are away, but she willing goes in her crate and is very happy there. When given the chance she brings every toy we have into her crate.
Even when Limo has one of her jealous fits and growls or snaps at Kadabra she just walks away, she doesn't even react.

Sorry, the little dog isn't up for adoption :-p you wouldn't want her anyway, trust me
But you DO WANT the big brindle one!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Settling In

Kadabra was brought to our home on Weds. night. It was a stormy/ rainy night and so we brought Matt's truck instead of the CRV. So she had a tight squeeze in the backseat and she did fine. She'd get up and check the view sometimes and then just lay down. This hound would be happy to travel:-)

She's right at home in her crate, goes in and out willingly. Sleeps through the night, silently in her crate.

She's been fine with our 37 lb mutt, Limo, with the big attitude. We don't use her muzzle in the house or on walks, only when they are lose in the backyard together. It's true what others have said, she walks beautifully on the leash which is so nice!
She loves toys and nylabones.
More to come soon!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Kadabra is really winning me over. She has become such a great dog...she is learning such good manners, walking well and calmly on a leash, waiting her turn, etc.
She craves love and attention, and I think will be a very loving girl.
She likes to run, play, and be active too...and is very cute in the run with the other girls.
She has the cutest little face, even her face is that of the cute little girl she is!
Kadabra would be best in your home, on her own bed, and playing in your yard, instead of in the kennel!!! Let's make her disappear from the kennel and into your home, ABRA-KADABRA!
Heather, kennel walker