Saturday, June 14, 2008

Settling In

Kadabra was brought to our home on Weds. night. It was a stormy/ rainy night and so we brought Matt's truck instead of the CRV. So she had a tight squeeze in the backseat and she did fine. She'd get up and check the view sometimes and then just lay down. This hound would be happy to travel:-)

She's right at home in her crate, goes in and out willingly. Sleeps through the night, silently in her crate.

She's been fine with our 37 lb mutt, Limo, with the big attitude. We don't use her muzzle in the house or on walks, only when they are lose in the backyard together. It's true what others have said, she walks beautifully on the leash which is so nice!
She loves toys and nylabones.
More to come soon!

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