Sunday, June 15, 2008

Look deep into my eyes...

You're getting very sleepy... and you WILL adopt me.

Again I just can't say enough about her lovely leash manners. She never pulls and is mostly just at our side unless I'm pushing her for a photo opp;-)
She's a very low key, happy girl. You can tell she's happy, but she doesn't have to be all over you to express it.
She has had no accidents in our house. She's crated when we are away, but she willing goes in her crate and is very happy there. When given the chance she brings every toy we have into her crate.
Even when Limo has one of her jealous fits and growls or snaps at Kadabra she just walks away, she doesn't even react.

Sorry, the little dog isn't up for adoption :-p you wouldn't want her anyway, trust me
But you DO WANT the big brindle one!


Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Kadabra looks so happy to be sprung from the kennel. So nice to see all of her good points.


Maria said...

Thanks, Denise for fostering this girl. I am so glad that she's with you...and the raw food, entirely your sister's fault.